Would You Choose Real Flowers Or Artificial Wedding Flowers To Dress Up The Wedding?

Artificial Flowers

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Real flowers must be more expensive than artificial wedding flowers?

In our impression, real things are generally more expensive than fake ones. But in fact, every leaf and pole of the “fake flower” requires labor, so no matter how fake it is, it will not be much cheaper than the real flower. The more advanced than “false” is called “simulation”. Simulation means to simulate the real growth pattern of plants.

The history of artificial flowers in China

In China, the appearance of Artificial Flowers can be traced back more than 1,300 years. It is said that Concubine Yang wears flowers to cover the scar on the right sideburn, and the flowers are dying in winter. The imperial concubine, the craftsmanship spread to the folk, after continuous improvement and development until now.

Artificial wedding flowers material

Although flowers are good, they are easy to wither and die. The emergence of artificial flowers stems from the human pursuit of eternity. This is a kind of artificial flower made of stretched silk, crepe paper, polyester, plastic, crystal, and other materials, as well as dried flowers made from fresh flowers, which are generally called artificial flowers in the industry.

The main production base of artificial flowers

The production of artificial flowers is mainly concentrated in Fujian and Zhejiang. Most of the artificial flower manufacturers’ products are designed to meet the needs of foreign jewelry, and most of their products are exported. It is characterized by large-scale production and a competitive advantage in price. In the purchases of large foreign multinational companies, the products of these artificial wedding flowers manufacturers are listed as purchases.

artificial flowers

The purpose of artificial wedding flowers:

Indoor environment decoration

Furnishings, dining table, kitchen, bedroom, study, entrance

Daily etiquette and social gifts

Holidays, anniversaries, interpersonal interaction

Event celebration

Weddings, holiday events

Weddings are the occasion where artificial flowers are used the most, and most of them are used for the arrangement of the wedding scene.

It is reported that in the flower arrangement of Tiananmen Square on China’s National Day this year, a large number of artificial flowers were used for the decoration of the center flower basket, and they were applied at the APEC summit. Not only played a beautifying effect but also saved costs.

In fact, in the eyes of many people, artificial flowers without dignity have their style.

In the world of artificial flowers, there are also levels. There are three levels of artificial flowers: A, B, and C. The prices of artificial flowers of different grades are also different. Some imported A-level artificial flowers are even more expensive than fresh flowers.

Moreover, any wedding company that pays attention to wedding quality will have strict requirements on the frequency of use of artificial flowers. Generally, artificial flowers will not be damaged, worn, or dirty.

Comparison between artificial flowers and real flowers

Real flowers must be better than artificial flowers?

In daily life, real flowers are naturally better than artificial flowers. All boys know to send real flowers to their girlfriends.

But in a wedding, real flowers are not necessarily better than artificial flowers.

As we all know, the fresh-keeping period of flowers is short, and they are seriously worn out in the layout of large scenes. Often a wedding is not over. The flowers are very different from their most beautiful appearance, and you can’t take details at all.

The artificial flowers are not only realistic, but also extremely convenient to shape various shapes, and it is very easy to produce wedding effects.

Real flowers VS artificial flowers: comparison of advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of Real Flower:

Real, natural

It looks good at close range, with a floral scent

Real flower disadvantages:

Affected by the weather, transportation and on-site storage is both troublesome

Many shapes cannot be shaped; unable to maintain color and shape for a long time

Disposable products, cannot be reused

Relatively high price

Advantages of artificial flowers:

Low loss, easy to store

Lighter than real flowers, strong plasticity


Relatively low price

Disadvantages of artificial flowers:

Lack of vitality

Too many times of use, the artificial flower is easy to fade and become old

In the eyes of ordinary people, compared with real flowers, artificial flowers are not of the highest grade.

Choose real flowers or artificial wedding flowers?

Good artificial flowers are often hard to distinguish between true and false if they are not too detailed and can’t be touched by themselves, and their photographic effect is even better than that of flowers.

Now many high-quality artificial flowers can make a variety of textures, especially the imitation dried flowers, and their lifelike, high-level sense, and the proper combination can create a literary and retro atmosphere.

According to the needs of different groups of people, if you need economical, durable, reusable, and good-looking decorations, artificial flowers are just right.

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