The Ultimate Guide to Importing Underwear from China

Importing Underwear

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Why do you choose to importing underwear from China

The main reason is that China has a huge labor resource and production infrastructure, and the labor cost is relatively low, making the underwear products made in China have competitive prices. The second is that China’s underwear industry is experienced and has the ability of large-scale production, which can meet the needs of large orders and fast delivery.

 Another point is that Chinese underwear manufacturers have made significant progress in technology, process, and quality management, many enterprises have modern equipment and high-quality staff, can provide products that meet international standards, and so on.

This makes most people choose to achieve importing trade by wholesale underwear in China, which can greatly reduce production costs and achieve steady progress of enterprises.

What are the types of underwear

import underwear


Bras are one of the most commonly worn undergarments by women for supporting and shaping the breasts. Different bra styles include strapless bras, triangle bras, full cup bras, sports bras, and so on.

The material of the bra can be cotton, silk, lace, elastane, etc., which is chosen according to the wearing needs and style. In terms of design, bras can have a variety of colors, patterns and decorations in a variety of styles from simple to sexy.

It is important to choose the right size bra to ensure comfort and support. Wear your bra correctly to ensure that the cups wrap around your breasts, that the straps are not too tight or too loose, and that the back clasp is in the correct position.

Shapewear is especially useful for special occasions, such as weddings, parties or important business events.

Body shaping underwear

Body shaping undergarments are designed to improve body contour and provide a slight compression and shaping effect. Common body shaping undergarments include body shaping dresses and body shaping girdles.

Shapewear undergarments are uniquely designed to slightly contour your body and give you a more flattering fit. They smooth the tummy, lift the bust, and even enhance the buttocks, giving you a more defined and curvy appearance.

It provides a better lining for a variety of different types of clothing, allowing for a better fit and accentuating your appearance. Whether you’re wearing a slim dress, a tight skirt or skinny jeans, shapewear can complete your look!

Maternity Underwear

Maternity underwear is a special style of underwear designed for pregnant women that not only provides comfortable support for the soon-to-be mother, but also makes pregnancy more enjoyable and relaxing.

Due to the changing shape of your body during pregnancy, traditional underwear may become unsuitable. Maternity underwear is made from materials and designed to take into account the expansion of the abdomen and breasts, ensuring that you feel comfortable throughout your pregnancy.Soft fabrics, loose fitting designs and no steel ring features make them the most comfortable choice.

Many maternity undergarments also have a breastfeeding feature for easy feeding of your newborn. This design allows you to easily meet your baby’s needs without having to worry about nursing.

Maternity underwear is one of the must-have apparel during pregnancy that not only cares about your comfort, but also provides the ideal solution for your changing body. By wearing maternity underwear, you can feel supported and warm during this special journey, making your pregnancy full of love and comfort.

Erotic Underwear

Erotic Underwear is a special and creative style of Underwear that not only makes the wearer feel confident, but also adds a sense of mystery and fun to the couple. This type of Underwear is uniquely designed to reveal a provocative and sexy vibe.Erotic underwear usually features sexy designs and materials used to add interest and variety.

Erotic underwear is a unique experience that can awaken feelings and increase eroticism. Whether you want to add a fresh touch to your love or create a surprise at a special moment, erotic underwear can bring you an extraordinary experience, they are a symbol of romance and passion.

Wearing erotic underwear can create a romantic and tension-filled atmosphere.It is not just a symbol of sexiness, but also an expression of love. They can emphasize intimate emotions and bring couples closer together and more in tune with each other.

Functional Underwear

Functional lingerie is a uniquely designed type of underwear that not only focuses on providing a comfortable wearing experience, but also has specific functions that fulfill a variety of specific needs. Whether you are exercising, breastfeeding or staying healthy, functional underwear is an essential part of modern life.

Such as sports bras, nursing bras, anti-bacterial underwear, etc., designed for specific needs and with special functions.Like in sports need a stability, breathability excellent enough underwear to meet the needs of the movement, ordinary underwear is difficult to have such stability and support, if you do not choose sports underwear in the long term will have damage to the chest.

The main process of importing underwear and matters needing attention

Market survey to determine the target market

importing underwear

Define the target market and determine who is the most suitable consumer group for your underwear products, including age, gender, geographical location, interests and other factors; Research competing brands and products to understand their positioning, market share, pricing strategy, brand image and more. Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors in order to find the distinctive features of your product.

Through market research methods, such as questionnaire survey, focus group discussion, etc., to understand consumers’ needs for underwear products, preferences, purchasing habits and their dissatisfaction with current products. This can help you determine the direction of product improvement and unique selling points.

Understand consumer income level, purchasing power, etc., to determine market potential and opportunities, and study current market trends and future development trends, such as fashion style, health awareness, sustainability, etc., to determine product market positioning and differentiation strategy.

Supplier Search

Conduct market research to understand the background and reputation of Chinese underwear manufacturers. You can refer to industry exhibitions, industry associations, trade catalogs, Internet search and other channels to collect supplier information and evaluation, and evaluate the credibility of potential suppliers. Considering production capacity, quality management system, production equipment, production environment, staff quality, etc.. Investigate and screen potential suppliers, communicate with them, and show cooperation intention. You can contact them via email, phone or online trading platforms.

Product selection and sample testing

Choose the right type of underwear according to your market positioning and target audience. Consider factors such as size, style, fabric, etc. Discuss requirements with potential suppliers and request underwear samples for quality testing. Make sure the sample meets your requirements, and evaluate the quality, including the quality of the fabric, sewing process, comfort, etc.

The quality test of underwear samples can be carried out by yourself or commissioned by a third-party quality inspection agency. Confirm that the sample quality is in line with expectations or up to standard. Discuss with suppliers the details of cooperation, including order quantity, delivery time, quality control, price, payment method, etc. Ensure mutual understanding and cooperation agreements are reached.

Compliance with laws and regulations

First of all, understand the import regulations, licensing requirements, customs and tax standards of your country or region.

Secondly, it is necessary to know the safety requirements of underwear products, such as test standards, fiber content, wear comfort of wearable materials, etc., and label requirements of underwear products, such as size, material, composition, washing instructions and production countries.

Finally, determine whether your underwear products need to meet specific certification standards, such as ISO certification, EU CE certification, FDA certification and so on.

Price negotiation and order arrangement

Importing Underwear

Before starting negotiations, know the market price range for the product or service in question so that you have a reference point. Determine your negotiating goals and bottom line, the prices and conditions you hope to achieve, and prepare possible concessions and alternatives in advance.

During the negotiation process, discuss your requirements with the supplier, including price, payment terms, delivery time and quality standards. Conduct further negotiation and bargaining based on the supplier’s response, and strive to find a win-win solution acceptable to both parties. This may include flexible pricing structures, preferential terms or other value-added services.

Once the price and other conditions have been agreed upon, make sure that the agreement is explicitly written into the contract. The contract should cover the rights and responsibilities of both parties, as well as detailed terms such as payment method, delivery time, warranty period, etc. When the contract is completed, send an official order to the supplier, specifying the delivery date and other necessary details. Ensure communication with suppliers and follow up the execution of orders to ensure delivery in accordance with contract requirements.

Maintain a positive attitude of communication and cooperation throughout the negotiation and order arrangement process, and ensure that both parties understand and abide by the contractual agreement in order to achieve a successful transaction.

Quality control and inspection

Check whether the material used in underwear has a high quality standard, you can observe the texture, softness and durability of the fiber;

Carefully inspect the sewing and assembly of the underwear to ensure that there are no defects or flaws. Check size suitability, measure each part of the sample, and ensure that the size of the underwear is accurate to ensure comfort and good fit;

Check the details of the underwear, such as the smoothness of the seams, the firmness of the ornaments and the clarity of the logo; Make sure your underwear is designed and made of materials that provide comfort and breathability.

Arrange the transportation and logistics of underwear, track the progress of goods

Select the appropriate mode of transport according to the nature, value, urgency and destination of the goods. Common options include air, sea, land and rail transport. Consider the volume and weight of the goods as well as transportation costs and timeliness. Find a reliable logistics provider that works with you to make sure your goods get to their destination safely and on time.

Prepare the necessary transport documents and permits according to the selected mode of transport and the requirements of the destination country. This may include bills of lading, packing lists, commercial invoices, transportation insurance, and import/export licenses. Ensure the accuracy and completeness of documentation and comply with relevant regulations and requirements. At the same time, keep close contact with logistics suppliers, obtain the tracking number of the goods or other tracking methods to timely understand the location of the goods and transportation progress.

If there are logistics problems, such as loss of goods, delays or other transportation challenges, communicate with the logistics provider in a timely manner and resolve the problem. Maintain good communication and cooperation to ensure smooth delivery of goods to the destination.

In terms of warehousing, choose a warehouse suitable for storing underwear to ensure that the environment is suitable, the goods are safe, and there is appropriate inventory capacity and distribution facilities. Establish effective inventory management system to track inventory quantity and goods flow, ensure inventory level and replenishment in time to avoid supply shortage or oversupply.

Customs clearance and customs duties

import underwear

Working with a customs broker or agent is a common practice to ensure proper customs clearance and compliance with import duties and taxes. The customs broker or agent will assist in filling out and submitting the relevant customs declaration documents and ensure the correctness and completeness of the documents. They will calculate the duties and other related taxes you need to pay based on the applicable tariff and tax rates, communicate with the relevant government departments, and ensure that your import activities comply with the requirements of laws and regulations. They can also help you manage and record relevant data for future audits and tax returns.

The specific customs clearance process and tax calculation may vary by country and region. It is recommended to work with a reliable customs broker or agent and discuss your specific situation with them in detail to ensure compliance with relevant regulations and smooth completion of import procedures.

Planning the warehousing and distribution of imported underwear

In the distribution part, develop a reliable distribution plan, including choosing a suitable mode of transportation (such as sea, air or land transportation), rationally arranging the distribution route and time, and negotiating with logistics partners to reach a reasonable distribution cost and service level. Choose to work with a reliable supply chain partner to ensure efficient warehousing and distribution operations. Consider using modern technologies and systems to optimize inventory management and distribution processes and improve operational efficiency and customer experience.

How to importing Underwear from China

The Internet is the most effective means of communicating with Chinese cosmetic makers. Many businesses can be found on Alibaba,, Made in China, and other comparable venues.

Many websites provide the best cosmetics at reasonable prices. Because of the Chinese market’s popularity, you will have several options to pick from. The quality of the products will also differ based on the brand and price.


To sum up, lingerie import business is a complex project, which requires enterprises to conduct comprehensive analysis and prediction of the market, effective management of the supply chain, legal and compliant operation of the importing process, and reasonable planning of brand marketing, channel distribution, after-sales service, etc. This requires full communication and coordination between the various departments within the enterprise, and a clear division of labor.

When choosing a sourcing agent in China, it is vital to look for an experienced one. After all, the last thing you want is to lose money or time due to bad advice.

Union Source is a reliable and experienced sourcing agent with offices around the world. When you choose to work with Union Source, you can be assured of culturally specific, customized packaging for each region or country in which you plan to sell your products.

Contact Union Source to learn more about how this organization can help you source lingerie from China.

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Underwear Sourcing Guide

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